Track-1: Advance Computational Intelligence Techniques & Their Applications:

Pattern Analysis and Mining, Graphical Models, Spatial &Temporal Mining, Abnormality & Outlier Detection, Selection and Dimension Reduction, Mining with Constraints, Data Cleaning & Preprocessing, Computational Learning Theory, Novel Data Mining Algorithms, Big Data, Mining with Data Clouds, Mining Semi Structured Data, Mining Complex Datasets, Mining on Emerging Architectures, Text & Web Mining, Optimization Methods, Time Series and Sequential Pattern Mining, Visual data mining, Statistical foundations for robust and scalable data mining, Distributed data mining, Mining multi-agent data, Association rules, Audio Mining, Case-based reasoning and learning, Inductive learning including decision tree and rule induction learning, Statistical learning, Bayesian Models and Methods.

Track-2: Computation with Modeling:

Soft Computing, Ubiquitous Computing, Agent Based Systems, Green Computing, Pattern Recognition, Bioinformatics & Scientific Computing, Embedded Computing, Pervasive Computing, Cluster Computing, Digital Image Computing, Evolutionary Computing, Fuzzy Computing, Approximate Algorithms, Bioinspired Optimization, Web Mining, Perceptual Computing, Memetic Computing, Computer Vision & Image Processing, Emotional Computing, Rough Sets Theory, Autonomous Computing, High performance implementations of data mining algorithms, CI for software engineering.

Track-3: Nature Inspired Computation and Neural Networks:

Brain Machine Interface, Surface Computing, Evolutionary Algorithms, Graph theory Applications, Statistical computing, Swarm Intelligence, Artificial Immune System, Support Vector Machine, Artificial Neural Networks, Extreme Learning Machines, Hybrid Intelligent Systems, Pattern Recognition and Classification, Uncertainty Analysis, Content-Based Image Retrieval, High performance and Parallel/distributed data mining, Advance Optimization techniques, Nature Inspired algorithms & their Engineering Applications, Deep Learning.

Track-4: Other Data Mining Applications:

Data Mining in Logistics, Medicine Data Mining, Military Data Mining, Security Data Mining, Immersive virtual reality, Explorative and visual data mining, Data mining in electronic commerce, Data Integration & Exchange, Image Processing and Segmentation, Robotics, Social impact of data mining Acoustic imaging; Audio video System; Biometrics; Statistical methods in data mining, OLAP and data mining, Exploring data analysis, inference of causes, prediction, Evaluating, consolidating, and explaining discovered knowledge, Soft Computing applications for Engineering Design Optimization, Process optimization, transportation systems, Robotics, Decision support, Heat Transfer, Fault Diagnosis Natural Language Processing, Cognitive Science, Internet Computing, Cybernetics Technology, Nanotechnology, Climate/Environmental Science, Risk & Supply Chain Management, Drug Discovery, Healthcare Management, Automation & Process Control, Logistics Management, Computational finance, Intrusion & Fraud detection, Bio-surveillance, Sensor Network Applications, Social Network Analysis, Body Area Network, Remote Sensing & GIS Application, Steganography & Authentication, Data / Image Compression; Digital Image Processing; Multimedia Applications; Spatial Applications; Satellite Imagery analysis; Multispectral image analysis; Non-evasive quality control using imaging techniques; Image and Pattern analysis; Image Segmentation.